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Our expertise in lean manufacturing will drive down costs and deliver the most efficient results throughout your project.


MOGE Manufacturing is a world-class ferrous metal manufacturing company, specializing in Mining, Oil, Gas & Environmental industries.

We’re a determined & dedicated team boasting 50+ years experience, along with the necessary licensing and certifications to operate within all spectrums the ferrous metal industry.

Throughout the years, our knowledge and passion for improvement in manufacturing and sustainability industry-wide has set the foundation for our success.


Our goal is to "bridge the gap" within industries that rely on or operate with ferrous metals.

We use advanced expertise in lean ferrous metal manufacturing, including high and low alloys, combined with corrosion and erosion expertise.

Combining this expertise will increase the longevity of our equipment, increasing dependability and sustainability. The increase in life span, waste reduction, and cleaner operating emissions significantly impacts our global carbon foot print.


MOGE Manufacturing operates facilities in both Fort Worth, Texas and Mound House, Nevada. We’re proud to be founded and operated by Fort Worth natives looking to impact the local infrastructure.

Our central location allows us to take advantage of the hub-and-spoke business model. Fort Worth offers major highway and airway transportation routes in addition to being just a few hours from a major port.

This enables operations to reach all corners of the US, making more efficient use of resources & transportation.



  • Gasification / Salt Reactor
  • Environmental Stripping Units
  • Scavenging Units
  • Precious Metal Mining Equipment
  • Oil & Gas Equipment
  • Plant & Production Equipment
  • Solar Energy Equipment



218 E 4th St
Justin, TX, USA 76247


49 Stokes Dr
Mound House, NV, USA 89706

We take a personal interest in our client's vision, valuing every component of the process, from cradle to grave. Our success is measured by yours. Let’s get started.